1. Who is allowed to register and use the IIUMPlate portal?

The following are the categories of public / Business / Company who are allowed to register on the IIUMPlate Portal

i) Individuals: Permanent Residents of Malaysia (PTM) and Malaysian Public (MAL) aged 18 years and above.

ii) Business / Company: Business / Company which is legally registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

2. What are the requirements to register and use the IIUMPlate portal?

Individual: Not less than 18 years old on 01-January-2020
Business / Company: Still active in doing business on 01-January-2020

3. What type of email is suitable to be used during registration on the IIUMPlate portal?

The public or users of the IIUMPlate portal are advised to use an active email from Gmail provider to facilitate the receipt of any notification from the IIUMPLATE System.

4. What if there are changes in personal details information after registration is done on the IIUMPlate portal?

Any personal information update cannot be made in the IIUMPlate portal if the user has participated any bidding number. If the bidder wins the offer and there is an error in the personal details information, the bidder must inform the IIUM along with the relevant evidence.

5. What is the recommended browser for accessing the IIUMPlate portal?

The public or users of the IIUMPlate portal are advised to use the Chrome Version 73 browser, Internet Explorer 11, Android Version 6 or iOS 10 and above for a better performance.

6. What is the general flow of the IIUMPlate portal bidding process?

The flowchart process is as shown in the diagram below. Visit https://iiumplate.iium.edu.my/ to participate.

Click here for the user manual

7. Is there any fees to be charged for bidding transactions?

Yes. Each user will be charged one-time registration fee of RM 30.00 to receive a Virtual Bank Account and be automatically eligible for 5 times bidding opportunity for all numbers offered.

Only RM 20.00 will be charged as service fee for every next 5 subsequent bid opportunities. The RM 20.00 shall be deducted from the balance of the virtual account. Both payment are not refundable.

8. How long is the period for each bidding session?

The Bid Period for one (1) session of vehicle registration numbers lasts for 10 days and ends at 1159 Hrs on the last day of the bid date. Bidding time is taken into account during the bidding period and not at the time of bid payment by the bank.
* You are encouraged to make early bid for the smooth running of all processes. Avoid bidding activities at last minute to avoid payment interruptions.

9. Do bidders need to place any deposit?

No deposit is required but the bidder must have in their virtual account the same amount he or she is bidding or higher.

10. How is bid pricing calculated?

Each vehicle number requires a minimum payment according to the table below:

Category Starting Price
Golden RM20,000.00
3 Digit Attractive RM10,000.00
4 Digit Attractive RM7,000.00
2 Digit Popular RM8,000.00
3 Digit Popular RM3,000.00
Special Popular RM2,500.00
4 Digit Popular RM2,000.00
3 Digit Running RM1,000.00
4 Digit Running RM500.00
Each first bid amount must be the same or higher than the minimum price set according to the number categories. The next minimum bid amount is at least 5% higher than the current bid price amount according to the number categories with no limit for maximum increase.

11. What is the limit of the total numbers each an individual / company can bid?

There is no limit to bid for each bidder.

12. Can the bidder withdraw the bid?

NO. Bidders are not allowed to withdraw their bids during the bidding period.

13. Will the bidder receive any notification during the bid period?

Yes, all activities involved will be notified via email to the registered bidder's personal or company email account.

14. When will the official results of the bid to be announced?

The official bid result will be issued within 24 hours after the bid ended.

15. How to know if the bidder has failed to bid at one time?

The system will send a notification email to the bidder as soon as the bid is overtaken by another bidder.

16. How the payment method for bidding activities be done?

Bidders can make bid payments through Virtual Bank Accounts only. Each bidder is required to ensure a sufficient amount of money is available in his/her Virtual Bank Account before making any bid. Each bidder will have their own Virtual Bank Account number once the registration is successful.

There are 3 methods that can be used to transfer money into a Virtual Bank Account.
i. Online Internet Banking
ii. Top-up through the IIUMPlate portal (Merchant Payment Gateway)
iii. Transfer at the bank counter

Charges for using any of those methods may apply

17. Can the bidder use a credit card / debit card when transferring money into a Virtual Bank Account?

Yes. Bidders can use credit card or debit cards to transfer money into their respective Virtual Bank Account.

18. Are bidders allowed to add money to the Virtual Bank Account more than once?


19. What happens to the bid amount if the bid is not successful?

The amount will be refunded into the Virtual Bank Account immediately after another bidder offers a higher price.

20. If there is a balance in the Virtual Bank Account after the bidding period closed, how can the bidder get the balance?

If necessary, the bidder is required to select the money transfer in the menu available in the IIUMPlate system and the payment will be made no later than 5 working days from the date of withdrawal instructions.

21. If the bidder has problems related to credit card / debit cards such as deduction and refund transactions, to whom should the bidder contact?

If this happens, the bidder can directly contact the credit card / debit card issuing bank.

22. What are the documents that need to be brought to JPJ for the vehicle number registration process?

To register the winning number, the winner or its representative must bring to JPJ the documents below:
i) Official offer letter from IIUM.
ii) Copy of Identity Card / Copy of Company Registration ID.
However, vehicle plate number registration can only be done at the JPJ WANGSA MAJU, WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN AND JPJ KUANTAN, PAHANG ONLY.

23. What is the deadline for vehicle number registration to be registered with JPJ?

The deadline for vehicle number registration is 12 months from the date of issuance of the offer Letter.

24. What will happen if the vehicle number registration is not complete within 12 months from the date of issue of the Offer Letter?

The Offer Letter provided will be considered expired and invalid. Payments made will NOT be refunded.

25. What happens if the bidder does not want to receive the registration number that has been won?

The vehicle registration number won will be withdrawn without any notice and the payment made will NOT be refunded.

26. Can the vehicle number won can be registered with other names or parties?

The vehicle number won can only be changed to the immediate family members (i.e. mother / father / husband / wife / siblings / children) by submitting a birth certificate, marriage certificate and other documents provided that the registration number has not been registered with JPJ Malaysia.

However, an administrative charge of RM100.00 will be charged for the change of ownership information.

Name change involving Company / Organization / Cooperative is NOT allowed.

Click here for Transfer ownership form

27. Can the bidder appeal for an extension more than 12 months’ period?

Application for extension of registration period is NOT allowed.

28. What should I do if forgets the password to log in to the IIUMPlate portal?

The bidder can reset the password in the following ways:
i) Press "forget password" on the login screen.
ii) Then enter the registered phone number.
(iii) OTP message will be sent to the bidder's registered email and follow further instructions.
(iv) Enter the new 6 digit password.
(v) Press the "reset" button.

29. What is the effect and action if the bidder gives false information in his/her bid?

Bidders who provide false information have to bear the consequences of the falsification of the information given which will result in the failure to register the number and legal action to be taken against it.

30. Can a successful bidder cancel his bid and get the bid money back?

Successful bidders cannot cancel their bids and there is no refund of bid money to successful bidders.

31. When the successful registration number can be registered?

The special registration number ‘IIUM’ can be registered as soon as the successful bidder receives the official offer letter from IIUM.

32. How and when can a successful bidder get the official offer letter for the special registration number ‘IIUM’?

Successful bidders can obtain an Official Offer Letter three (3) working days after the closing date of the bid at the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Responsible Research and Innovation), 4th Floor, Muhammad Abdul-Rauf Building, International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak.

33. Can I get a copy of the official letter issued if the ORIGINAL COPY has been lost from my safekeeping?

You can request for a copy of the official offer letter provided it has not yet expired. A service charge of RM30.00 will be charged for each issuance of the said letter.

34. Are any discounts given to IIUM staff, IIUM retirees and IIUM alumni?

Discounts will be given in the form of "CASH REBATE" by filling up the rebate application form, the rebate rate as per below.

Category Starting Price Rebate Rate
Staff Retirees Alumni
Golden RM20,000.00 0% 0% 0%
3 Digit Attractive RM10,000.00 0% 0% 0%
4 Digit Attractive RM7,000.00 0% 0% 0%
2 Digit Popular RM8,000.00 0% 0% 0%
3 Digit Popular RM3,000.00 0% 0% 0%
Special Popular RM2,500.00 0% 0% 0%
4 Digit Popular RM2,000.00 0% 0% 0%
3 Digit Running RM1,000.00 30% 30% 5%
4 Digit Running RM500.00 30% 30% 5%
**The cash rebate is not valid in conjunction with any other offers campaign or promotions.
Click here for the rebate application form.

35. What channels can I contact if there are any further questions and technical issues related to the IIUMPlate portal?

The question channels provided are as follows:
Call Center: 1-300-88-7977
Tel (office hours): 03-6421 4706 / 03-6421 5949
Email: iiumplatesupport@iium.edu.my

36. How can I make a payment related to "Courier service for offer letter" or "Transfer of ownership" as per allowed in FAQ No 26?

Payment can be made online at https://toyyibpay.com/OTHER-SERVICES-FOR-IIUMPLATE-

Please contact our representative at 03-6421 4706 for the above services.